Steps To Integrate

Step 1

Exploring Opportunities and Synergies

Reach out to so that the partnerships team can connect with you, to understand your offerings and possible synergies for the partnership.

Step 2

Complete an MNDA

An MNDA will be shared on receipt of integration request form. Please review and sign the OnGrid Mutual NDA shared via email. Once you have executed the agreement, OnGrid will provide you access to a staging environment where you can test our APIs.

Step 3

Build your integration

Use our APIs to develop and test your integration. You need to contact for staging environment credentials. A staging environment is a nearly exact replica of the production environment for testing. For any queries related to development or testing the integration, you can reach out to 

Step 4

Types of Flow in OnGrid APIs

You can consume the OnGrid API to either initiate the OnGrid hosted workflow or build a custom 3rd party system hosted workflow. The 3rd party system here can refer to customer HRMS, ATS, onboarding solutions etc.

  1. With the OnGrid hosted workflow, the candidate provides first party consent, and enters their own information for verification based on the scope of work for the client.
  2. With the self or 3rd party hosted candidate workflow, the customer collects the required consent on a different system, and that system passes candidate information using the OnGrid APIs to initiate BGV.
Step 5

Make sure your solution is tested and ready to go

Before you’re officially launched as an OnGrid integration partner, you’ll need to complete the testing of the integration workflow that you have built. This is to ensure that your team is familiar with the customer set-up process and that any potential issues are resolved before customers go live with this integration.

Step 6

Submit your marketing assets

The required marketing assets are used to create your listing under our website integrations section. This is the final step before being added to the OnGrid Partners List.

Submit your marketing assets to

Step 7

Congratulations! You’re now listed in the OnGrid Partner Program!

Interested in receiving leads from the OnGrid partner program, and recommending your customers to OnGrid for revenue sharing? Steps to participate here!


You’re now listed in the OnGrid Partners List.